HalOpT is a Halite Optimisation Tool to monitor halite (NaCl) scale potential in gas wells and to optimise fresh water injection. HalOpT is developed in Excel.

Work sequence

Skilled users may enter all data directly and run simulations, new users may use the wizard as help to set up simulations. A typical work sequens will be:

  1. Clear existing data - or just typing in new
  2. Enter Pressures and temperatures at different locations
  3. Enter flowrates: Produced gas, produced water and fresh water injection if relevant
  4. Specify gas composition (either enter a new composition or load one from the datase)
  5. Specify water composition (either anter na new composition or load one from the database). NB! Read more about water analysis below.
  6. Run a backwards calculation from SEPARATOR to RESERVOIR

After these 6 steps, you have a picture of the current state of the well:

  • Scale potentials as saturation ratios are calculated at all locations
  • The reservoir water composition (Formation Water) is calculated
  • The flowrate of water at reservoir conditions is calculated
  • The result table shows how much water there is in the vapour, both in mole% and as volume (here units are m3/d but user may choose different units).

What can it do?

It is now possilbe to use the calculated reservoir water composition and calculate foreward from RESERVOIR to SEPARATOR. To study various effects, user may then:

  • Change pressures and temperatures
  • Change flowrates of reservoir water or fresh water
  • Change gas rate
  • Run scenarios to study effect of varying water injection rates - see figure
  • Run a tuning to find optimum water injection rate to keep SR(NaCl)<1

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