ScaleSim is a state-of-the-art scale prediciton tool - read more about it here.


HalOpT is a Halite Optimisation Tool to monitor halite (NaCl) scale potential in gas wells and to optimise water injection.

With HalOpT, operators can enter gas rate, produced water rate and produced water salinity and by the click of a button, estimate halite scale potential in separator, wellhead, well and reservoir.

Produced water composition can be entered in different ways:

  • Full ion analysis if available
  • Give density and HalOpT will estimate salinity and composition
  • Give conductivity  and HalOpT will estimate salinity and composition
  • Give chloride concentration and HalOpT will estimate salinity and composition

User may also add fresh water for dilution and HalOpT can run scenarios to study effect of fresh water injection and automatically calculate minimum need for fresh water to avoid halite precipitation.

HalOpT is an Excel program but includes the full Pitzer model and SRK/PR equation of state as visual basic routines. This gives very accurate calculation of halite solubility in water and formation water and accurate calculation of water evaporation and condensation.

Read more about HalOpt here or click on the button to the right.


An Excel simulator to calculate titration curves for complex system of acids and bases. Add generic acids and bases (monoprotic and diprotic) and TitrSim will calculate the titration curve. Several common acids and bases are available, but new hypotethical components can be added. Read more about it here or click on the button to the right. (Not finished yet - come back in a short time to read more.)

What do you want?

Do you have any wishes? Scale Consult can tailor make software related to:

  • Wate chemistry
  • Salts and scale
  • pH, acids or bases
  • CO2, H2S and other gases and their equilibry between phases (solubility in water)
  • PVT models, PVT properties,
  • Hydrate prediction
  • MEG systems
  • etc

We can make software with several differnt user interfaces:

  • Stand-alone programs (*.exe)
  • dll-compiled program - can be called from any other program
  • Excel-based user interface - that can call the dll

Please contact us and we may tailor make the product you need.

Solubility of halite in pure water. Model simulation and experimental data from different sources.