Baard Kaasa is co-founder, CEO and Principal Consultant in Scale Consult. Baard holds a Siv.Ing. degree in chemistry (1994) and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry (1998) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technolocy (NTNU). During his Ph.D. he developted a scale simulations code that has been markeded unter the name MultiScale. The code has been further devloped and Scale Consult is now merketing and selling this code under the name ScaleSim and with the process simulation tool ScaleSimPro.

Baard worked as a production engineer for Statoil at the Åsgard field for 3.5 years with responsibility for well testing, PVT sampling, production logging and production planning and optimisation.

In 2004 he started to work at the Statoil research centre in Trondheim in the department for gas processing, gas-liquid separation and acid gas treatment (CO2 removal). His main research topics have been use of glycol (MEG) for hydrate inhibition, salt precipitation in glycols systems, regeneration and reclamation of MEG and general chemistry of MEG loops. Since 2010 he has been working as a specialist in upstream gas production.

Baard has  been working a with chemistry and thermodynamics, mainly related to aqueous systems and especially on scale formation and salt solubility sinde 1998. He has also worked with PVT and phase euillibria with focus on solubility of gases in water and water in gas.


Baard started to work in Scale Consult in 2012.