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Aqueous Chemistry

Scale Consult is an independent consulting company with special expertise in scale prediction, water chemistry, MEG systems, hydrates, PVT and thermodynamics. Within these areas, we perform studies and give support to a broad range of clients, from large international oil&gas companies to small service and engineering companies. We also give courses/lectures within these topics and ecpesially courses related to scale prediction and use of the ScaleSim software.

Our main expertise, and main activity,  is within scale prediction and management in oil and gas production, transport and process systems. Typical tasks are:

  • Scale prediction in wells, flowlines and topside processes
  • Scale/salt prediction and process optimisation of MEG processes and MEG loops
  • Daily support - Scale Consult can be your scale/water chemistry/PVT/thermodynamics expert
  • Evaluation of water/PVT analyses and reports
  • Courses - mainly withing scale prediction, ScaleSim, MEG system, chemistry and thermodynamics

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Scale Consult personnel has more than 20 years of experience with scale chemsitry, scale management, PVT and thermodynamics of oil and gas production, aqueous chemistry and research.

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