Scale Consults are experts in water chemistry, thermodynamics and processing of oil, gas and water. We can supply studies related to:

  • Scale prediction and management
  • MEG systems - MEG loops and MEG processing
  • Aaqueous chemistry and water in process simulations
  • Hydrate protection strategy
  • PVT and PVT simulations


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Scale Consults has long expertise in development of simulation tools related to chemistry, thermodynamics, scale, hydrates, PVT etc.


We can develop tailor-made simulations tools, either as stand-alone programs or to be included in other program packages. Examples are:

  • pH calculator - enter water chemistry, P and T and pH is calculated
  • Gas solubility - calculator for solubility of gases and hydrocarbons in water
  • Water phase equilibra - how much water will there be in a gas, when will it condense?
  • PVT - flash calculation of oil/gas and calculation of phase compositions and properties
  • Hydrate - calculation of hydrate formation temperatures and inhibitor concentration


Programs/calculators/apps may be supplied as an Excel based program, a dll-routine that can be called from any other program or as exe-console application. Read more about our products here.

About Scale Consult

Scale Consult was foundend in 2012. We are specialists in scale prediciton/management, aqueous chemisry and MEG systems. Since 2012 we have delivered more than 45 projects for about 20 different international clients.


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