Would you like to learn about scale prediction, water chemistry, PVT, hydrates, phase equilibria, gas solubility etc ?


Scale Consult can hold courses in all these topics, from a few hours courses - to several days. Over the years, Scale Consult personnel have held many courses, lectures and presentations within all the above topics.


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MultiScale user course

Scale Consults holds user courses for MultiScale. Typical courses are:

  • 2-day course - MultiScale basic
  • 1-day course - MultiScale advanced (requires basic MultiScale experience)
  • 3-day course - MultiScale basic+advanced


Please contact us if you want to learn more.

About Scale Consult

Scale Consult was foundend in 2012. We are specialists in scale prediciton/management, aqueous chemisry and MEG systems. Since 2012 we have delivered more than 45 projects for about 20 different international clients.


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