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Scale Consult AS was founded in 2012 by Prof. Terje Østvold and Dr. Ing. Baard Kaasa. We are an independent consulting company with special expertise in the areas of:

  • Scale prediction and scale management
  • Aqueous chemistry and thermodynamics
  • MEG systems and MEG processing (MEG=Mono Ethylene Glycol - used for hydrate inhibition)
  • Hydrate prediction and management
  • PVT modelling and PVT models


We help clients in all phases of a project, from early planning, to trouble shooting during production phase. Some typical projects we perform:

  • Evaluate water analysis reports and PVT reports
  • Perform "classical" scale predictions (reservoir, well, wellheads, separators, flowlines, water mixing etc.)
  • Perform scale predictions for complex systems:
  • Fields with mixing of production from several wells/fields with varying mixing ratios and conditions
  • Evaluate scale potentials in oil/gas processes, oil stabilisation trains, oil de-salting processes, water/seawater reinjection
  • Life-time scale simulations. With the MultiProScale tool, full production profiles for fields with many wells and a complex process can be simulated and scale potentials at all locations and how it varies over time can be simulated.
  • Effect of H2S scavengers
  • MEG loop simulations: Evaluate chemistry, scale potentials, salt precipitation, pH stabilisation etc in MEG loops and MEG processing (regeneration and reclamations)
  • Trouble shooting - especially problems related to scale and salt precipitation
  • General chemical issues related to behaviour of water, gas solubility, H2S, pH etc.



We strive for superior quality in everything we deliver!


About Scale Consult

Scale Consult was foundend in 2012. We are specialists in scale prediciton/management, aqueous chemisry and MEG systems. Since 2012 we have delivered more than 45 projects for about 20 different international clients.


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